Hadoop Starter Kit – Hadoop In Real World


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100 % FREE

Hadoop Starter Kit is a 100% FREE course with step by step video tutorials. At the end of this course, you will be have a good understanding of Big Data problem and how Hadoop offers a solution. You will also have hands-on knowledge in HDFS & MapReduce.

Practice in our cluster for Free

Practicing Hadoop with a packaged sandbox VM in your Laptop is like learning to play a guitar with out a guitar. To learn Hadoop right, you need access to a multi-node environment. You will get free access to our multi node cluster along with this course.

Tired Of Word Count ?

Why does everyone try to explain MapReduce with the word count problem? Don't worry we don't use word count to explain MapReduce. We will teach you MapReduce in an interesting way like no one has taught you MapReduce before.
Non Programmer

We Don't Stop With Basics

This course is Free but that does not mean this course only covers "What is Hadoop?". With this course you will get a deep understanding of HDFS & MapReduce. Infact, with our free cluster access you will have hands on experience with HDFS and MapReduce.
Real Problem

Bonus Lessons

In addition to HDFS and MapReduce this course will also give you a very good introduction to Apache Pig & Hive. Again, you can try Pig & Hive in our cluster. Plus, you will learn what is Cloudera Manager and how to setup a Hadoop cluster on cloud using Cloudera Manager.
Caring Support

Excellent & Caring Support

Free course does not mean no support. Students of this course are just as important to us as the students of our paid courses. As a student of this course, you will get full support, ask questions and get answers at any time.




1Is this course really 100% FREE?
We get this question a lot. The answer is - Absolutely Yes !
2Is the cluster access 100% FREE?
Again, we get this question a lot. Answer is same as the last question - Absolutely Yes !
3Is this course right for me?
This course is a great place to start if you are planning to start a career in Hadoop or just would like to expand your knowledge in to the Big Data field.
4I am not a programmer, will I be able to follow the course?
We have several students in the course who are not programmers. We have students from all backgrounds - database developers, DBAs, business analysts, QA / test engineers etc. and have successfully started their career in Hadoop. There are several tools in the Hadoop ecosystem that does not require a programming background. For eg. tools like Pig, Hive, Sqoop, Flume etc. does not require an ounce of programming experience.
5What skills do I need to start with the course?
Basic Linux knowledge. Simple commands to change directories, open/close files etc.
6What concepts will I learn from this course?
We start with what is Big Data and then we analyze the Big Data Problem and how Hadoop offers a solution to the problem. Next, we deep dive in to HDFS and MapReduce. At this point you will be hands-on with HDFS and MapReduce - you can try HDFS & MapReduce in our cluster for free. We will also get you introduce to Apache Pig & Hive. Finally we have 2 bonus lessons covering Cloudera Manager in which you will learn to set up a Hadoop Cluster on Amazon Web Services. Check out the curriculum for complete details.


Chapter 1: Welcome & Let's Get Started
  • Lesson 1 Course Introduction | 02:55
Chapter 2: Introduction to Big Data
  • Lesson 2 What Is Big Data? | 17:54
  • Lesson 3 Understanding Big Data Problem | 14:46
  • Quiz 1 Test your understanding of Big Data | 7 questions
Chapter 3: HDFS
  • Lesson 4 HDFS - Why Another Filesystem? | 13:29
  • Lesson 5 Working With HDFS | 17:26
  • Lesson 6 HDFS Architechture | 12:50
  • Quiz 2 Test your understanding of HDFS | 6 questions
Chapter 4: MapReduce
  • Lesson 7 Introduction To MapReduce | 08:51
  • Lesson 8 Dissecting MapReduce Components | 18:05
  • Lesson 9 Dissecting MapReduce Program (Part 1) | 12:05
  • Lesson 10 Dissecting MapReduce Program (Part 2) | 17:13
  • Quiz 3 Test your understanding of MapReduce | 6 questions
Chapter 5: Apache Pig
  • Lesson 11 Introduction to Apache Pig | 12:05
Chapter 6: Apache Hive
  • Lesson 12 Introduction to Apache Hive | 08:28
  • Quiz 4 Test your understanding of Pig & Hive | 3 questions
Chapter 7: Hadoop Administrator In Real World
  • Lesson 13 Cloudera Manager - Introduction | 13:08
  • Lesson 14 Cloudera Manager - Installation | 24:07
Chapter 8: Our Other Courses
  • Lesson 15 INTRODUCTION: Hadoop Developer In Real World Course | 06:28
  • Lesson 16 INTRODUCTION: Hadoop Administrator In Real World Course | 06:28