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  • Monika

    I have taken numerous courses at Coursera and a couple on Hadoop from them, but I never had such a clear understanding of the subject until I joined this course and the free version of the course "Hadoop starter kit". This course offers crystal clear concepts of Hadoop with free access to a hadoop cluster for practice purposes. What else do I need? This is by far the most superior course I have ever taken on Hadoop and I recommend it to everyone interested in learning Hadoop.
  • Suman

    Very knowledgeable instructor and he explains the concepts in an easy to understand and detailed manner. Definitely worth the money to buy this course.
  • Brad

    Wow ! Maybe the most informative class I've taken from Udemy (I've taken a bunch). Instructor has the perfect amount of detail and overview.
  • Vinay

    Excellent course
  • Viswanath

    I am making the most out of this course. Believe me it is one of the most valuable courses out there. Thanks to the instructors for making this course.


Below reviews are from our courses hosted @ The reviews are posted AS-IS, so expect spelling mistakes.
  • Prithvi

    I started this course with some real world hadoop experience and yet I found this course greatly useful in understanding thoroughly the concepts of hdfs,mapReduce and other components of the hadoop ecosystem such as hive, sqoop , pig. I appreciate that the course creators have provided access to a realtime cluster - this solidifies the understanding of the well-presented theoretical concepts in the lectures. It had been my experience with other courses on hadoop that they gloss over the more meaty stuff and don't really teach useful/advanced topics. I am glad that in this course, things such as writing map-reduce jobs using java and deploying them in the cluster, writing custom I/O formats in java, creating hive udfs , pig scripts , sqoop jobs , query performance tuning etc - that I wanted to learn have been explained in great detail. This is useful while working in actual production environments. I would recommend this to freshers as well as to people with some experience who are looking to get a good grasp of hadoop concepts & associated tools.
  • RAD

    one of the best on hadoop!! primary instructors Voice is loud and clear, communicates very clearly and presents topics in very interesting way. material is very clear. Quote lot of real world examples throughout. Author proactively answers questions from students in the QA section.
  • Shashank

    This is what needs to become a hadoop developer. Things told from interviewer point of view is bonus.
  • Artatrana

    Very well organized course. Highly impressed.
  • Oluyemisi

    Easy for a beginner to understand


Below reviews are from our courses hosted @ The reviews are posted AS-IS, so expect spelling mistakes.
  • Selvakumar

    Excellent Course! Explained each and individual topics in details. Exactly what I was looking for not a basic theoretical class but, deeper concepts with real time scenarios. Also, I like the way the course is structured in a way, it keeps your reading phase consistent without boring. I am an experienced developer and I have gone through some other courses where they teach basic from linux commands to IDE setup which I hate. But, this course took me directly what I needs to know. Glad I purchased this course.
  • Sanoj

    Glued to the course, excellent presentation and concepts . Structured to keep me going on. Looking forward to complete the course
  • Arif

    Good Teacher, Good Understanding
  • Amar

    Content is well organized and provides easy to understand examples. :)
  • Bikram

    Instructor is well prepare for this course. This is best hadoop course so far. I looked up everywhere but there isn't any good tutorials in youtube or any other resources. This is best if you wanna learn hadoop, so easy to follow and don't have to download whole bunch of unnecessary stuff. A+


Below reviews are from our courses hosted @ The reviews are posted AS-IS, so expect spelling mistakes.
  • Dheeraj

    Its really terrrific compared to what all other courses I have took. He covered most of the topics in depth. and also some of the complex things in Mapreduce, Hive, Pig and sqoop. It would be helpful really in interview point of view.
  • Abhishek

    The structure for hadoop in real world is good. it talks about all important components for hadoop ecosystem required for data preparation, data processing.
  • Krishna

    Excellent...very clean explanation..
  • Ashish

    Very Clear explanation of core concepts. Structure of the content is very logical and flows naturally. I found concepts covered here like Hive Partitions, bucketing, Flume Multiplexing etc...combined with real world examples. I have looked at few other courses and these concepts are not covered anywhere else. It is one of the Best Hadoop courses that I have come across.
  • Shuab



Below reviews are from our courses hosted @ The reviews are posted AS-IS, so expect spelling mistakes.
  • Manish

    I am a Business Intelligence Consultant with 15 years of experience and is now learning Big Data and its related technologies as demanded by my job. And like I always do, I did a thorough research to ensure that I am learning from the best and can gain the required knowledge with maximum clarity. I read a few books on the subject like Hadoop Explained, Hadoop Essence and Big Data Application Architecture Q&A. I also attended a few 'free' courses on coursera and udemy like Hadoop Platform and Application framework. The reason for this background is that now I feel somewhat qualified to write this review and this is my first review on udemy. Infact this is the only course/book where I have invested this amount of money and frankly I was too scared when I was doing so. But their marketing videos really convince me and I decided to take this risk. I am glad that I did so. This course is the best I find on udemy (out of 210 course I have) and one of the best on the subject. Good - 1. Well defined structure. The course is well thought of what should be included and where and how the complete flow should be. This is a rare scenario on this subject as the landscape is very wide and quickly changing. 2. Clarity of Content. This course has the best balance on what should be the content of topic. Most of the courses in some topics get into too deep or are too shallow. This course has the right depth of content for beginners for all topics covered on this subject. 3. Clarity of Voice. It is also one of the most important aspect of any course though surprisingly many courses seem to ignore it. The voice is very clear and the tone is right. 4. Practicality. This point alone is sufficient to differentiate it from other courses. Not only the examples but also the environment provided to practice ensure that you are really going to learn from this course. I had tried doing handons by creating clusters on virtual machines on my laptop and I know what a pain it really is.
  • Mahmoud

    Really this is the best and most useful course and very informative content. I hope I see : {all-subjects} In Real World :) Very helpful support and instructor knows how to deliver information directly to his students.
  • Robert

    Am glad i signed for the coarse am beginning to see its my money worth
  • Kevin

  • Kalyan

    Very clear voice and to the point. So far I am liking it.


Below reviews are from our courses hosted @ The reviews are posted AS-IS, so expect spelling mistakes.
  • Shini

    To be frank I was inspired to buy Hadoop in real world tutorial after listening to your Hadoop Free tutorials, the way your explaining is good and easy to understand for a beginner to expert. And after purchasing the Hadoop in real world I was amazed and very impressed because you have given the targeted students a live 3 node Hadoop cluster for practice with clear cut instructions on how to install other supporting tools as well as how to access the Hadoop Cluster that you have given. ***And Day by day you are working hard to update complete eco system information to this tutorial. And only one thing I'm looking forward from you guys is it will good to have PPT's for the same to be available in this tutorial. *** Before listening to your trainings I have opted the training given by some other person and was a disaster and after listening to Hadoop Free Tutorial then I was able to catch up with the topics told by other guy that I opted. Your trainings are bank for the buck, wroth to buy it.
  • Myilvahanan

    Love the way the course is structured and the communication in the program. Appreciate the width covered and clarity around it.
  • sunil

    thank you!!!!! you are awesome

    I'm very happy and comfortable with this course. I recommend this course to aspirants who wants to learn hadoop easily.
  • MicroTech

    very good explanation


Below reviews are from our courses hosted @ The reviews are posted AS-IS, so expect spelling mistakes.
  • Axel

    I took the course to learn about Hadoop. I had no pratical experience before. I expected to learn about tools and architecture as well as to get some practice. The course has exceeded all my expectations. All the lessons are very clear with detailed explanations, enhanced by very good exercises in a 3 node cluster. All the questions were answered by the instructors very quickly. One of the best courses available in the big data field. And they are planning a Hadoop Administration course!
  • Rathinakumar

    Great Course. It has helped a lot for clear understanding on Big Data - Hadoop learning.
  • Sivasankar

    Great layout, good pace and precise!!
  • Mehmet

    I am really satisfied about courses structure and examples that we are doing, if you really need to get a good explanation about hadoop, you should be enrolled to this course.
  • Dayasagar

    For a beginner this is a very comprehensive course with excellent content and clear examples.